tips on tofino

Went to Canada's westest west coast last weekend, and since it was my first visit I thought I'd share my findings with you, my dears. Here are my tips on Tofino:

As you leave the city, admire the beauty of Horseshoe Bay on a perfect fall morning.

Always be knitting.

On the way there, have two scoops of ice cream to replace the scoop the seagull stole in San Francisco. (On the Pacific Rim Hwy, you can get two for the price of one).

Take in the sunset view of Middle Beach.

Eat tacos at Tacofino every day. (I was too busy scarfing tacos to take my own shots, so I found one here.)

Cry, as a couple of your besties get hitched. (Especially when the bride's brother reads Sister for Sale by Shel Silverstein).

Cook a meal for fifteen good friends (vegetarian, gluten free, s'il vous plait).

Stake out the perfect crocheting spot.

Abandon it for a warm nap.

Take long walks on the beach and pretend you can see Japan.

Inspect the marine life in tide pools.

Sleep in a cabin on the rocks.

...then come home to technicolour fall leaves (and a big move!).

Missed you, my lovelies!



  1. wow it looks beautiful! i'd love to go out to the west coast.


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