DIY bracelets

(Top photo via Oracle Fox)

While I was figuring out my plan for Got Craft? swag, I took a spin through a bunch of DIY tutorials that were modern takes on friendship-esque bracelets. While I opted for something that was a bit simpler, here are a few of my faves that I'd love to try and make.

1. The classic v-shaped knot and diagonal pattern. I remember making these in my teens, and I'm pretty sure they were some of the first things I sold at craft fairs in the early days.

2. Crochet chain bracelet Love the look of superfine crochet thread stitched around a huge chunky chain.

3. Satin cord bracelet. Instead of a washer or hex nut, I'd find a gemstone or charm of some kind for this simple knotted version.

4. Jersey knit bracelet. Remember finger knitting? Great reuse of old t-shirts.

...and then there's these three from the folks at Honestly WTF:

5. Friendship necklace.

6. Woven chain bracelet.

7. DIY hex nut bracelet. This went around the web a few weeks ago and you've probably seen (or tried?)

Kinda makes me want to hunt down my box of DMC thread and host a friendship bracelet party - or is that just a bit too summer camp? You'd obviously have to include some cocktails.

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend!



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