got craft? swag sneak peek

Swag for the Got Craft? show! The first 45 people through the door on May 8th will get their hands on a bag of goodies from vendors, and they're in high demand. It seems the line-up starts earlier and earlier each year - last I heard was 6am-ish? Bring coffee!

Our spring/summer collection is all about the carefree days of summer, and since friendship bracelets seem like the epitome of summer nostalgia I thought they'd be a perfect little swag piece. Will probably have a basket of these at our table, so if you're not a 6am-on-a-Sunday kinda person, come visit after brunch!

I managed to get a few shots of my swag contribution before my camera broke down on me. I didn't get any snaps of the final product, so I guess this is a true 'sneak peek' only.



  1. i love these! and of course i love your blog too!

  2. I snapped photos of all the swag today. So jealous of the people who snag one of these bags this year!


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