thanks etsy!

Remember this post about cleaning house? Well, there was a bigger reason for it than fall organization.

If you swing by Etsy today, you'll find me and kove on the front page. I'm thrilled and humbled to be one of Etsy's featured sellers - the interview is now live for all to see. Thanks Etsy!

In the seven months that this little biz has been around, you've all showered me with so much support and love and I'm so grateful. As we approach fall and as I share kove with more and more people, I can't wait to see what the coming season has in store.



  1. I love your shop! Congrats on being an etsy featured seller! I live in Vancouver as well so I am excited to see you featured! :)

    Great work!

  2. Great interview and congrats on being a featured seller! Love the captain fringe necklace~

  3. and i love your work zoe!

    thanks ryan! what a lovely shop - lavender is my fave.

  4. Congrats! Love your shop, and great interview!

  5. Just discovered your blog via the Etsy front page! Congratulations. Beautiful work and lovely blog.

  6. I found you through your etsy interview and got really inspired to get my knitting needles out again!
    Think I'm going to have to put one of your wraps on my christmas list! :)


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