what i learned on my summer vacation

1. The desert is a beautiful and dusty place, full of beautiful and dusty people.

2. Desert rain storms create double rainbows. (photo credit)

3. When driving through the many hills in San Fran, your e-brake comes in handy. Often.

4. Crocheting is cool. Even the toughest inmates learned during their time at Alcatraz.

5. If you happen to be enjoying a scoop of peanut butter cup ice cream on Fisherman's Wharf, beware this little devil doesn't snatch it from your unsuspecting hands.

6. The Seven Sisters look just like they did when I was seven.

7. At 287 feet, Big Tree in the Redwood Forest is an impressive sight. Even to a west coast girl who sometimes takes rainforests for granted.

8. Everyone is camera happy when driving Hwy 101. (Not just me.)

9. And, in the words of a dear friend, life is just better when you see the sunrise (or sunset) every day.


  1. I visited SF 13 years ago, during my study trip to USA. You refreshed my memories by this lovely post!
    Regards from Montenegro :)

  2. it is a wonderful place - wish we had more time to wander through it! thanks for visiting the blog...xo


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