rookie notes on Got Craft?

Since my last craft show was over ten years ago, being a vendor at Got Craft? this weekend taught me a few things:

1. Vintage finds make great display inspiration.

2. When you can't find what you want, you need to improvise.

(Thrifted wooden cabinet/magazine rack, Joel Dewberry fabric, Home Depot hooks. Power tool assistance: not pictured.)

3. Cutting 300 postcards by hand is an inefficient way to save $5.

4. People like their swag. (kove swag here. didn't snag one? email me.)

5. My brother and sister are rockstars.

6. Everything comes together in the end. Even when you fret about making it just right and stay up super late (early?) sewing labels and weaving ends.

7. If you're putting together your first display, you should read this, this and this.

8. Got Craft? is an amazing collection of talented makers. This tends to blur the line between working and shopping. (Thanks to Track and Field I have these lovely new earrings...)

9. Meeting kove fans is a pretty special thing. (I love that you wear your mainland warmer to work, even though it gets you in trouble from time to time.)

10. Let's do it again soon?



  1. It was so wonderful to see you in action. Craft fairs are great because eveyine is supportive of each others work. I loved overhearing pepole talk about your beautiful product!

  2. Lovely photos, you have a great eye. I'm with you on the cutting postcards front. Sturdy paper cutter is on my list of things to buy.

  3. it was great to see your amazing display! you have some beautiful things!

  4. i truly felt like the community of makers this weekend was super supportive of each other - a really great atmosphere for vendors and shoppers.

    thanks desiree! i definitely need to invest in a solid cutter. they're super handy!


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