on island time

I can't believe it's almost June!  Between hosting my in-laws, working on writing contracts and keeping up with kove, it has been a bizzy-bizzy month.

Monday was a holiday here in Canada, so we hopped over to Vancouver Island for some much needed playtime and to show our guests some tourist hot spots (like my Uncle's place!).

A camera-happy navigator? Check.

Ferry ride essentials? Check.

First stop: Victoria.  While we didn't actually visit the wax museum, we did enjoy the bright blue sky.

Then it was over the Malahat to Mill Bay for a stop by Merridale Ciderworks...

...where we sampled their bevvies from dry to sweet.

Spent the night on Quamichan Lake, where you can find some of the finest red wine in BC.

On the way outta town we stopped in at the new Saison Market to sample the fresh-baked...well, everything.

Wouldn't be a west coast tour without a stop by Cathedral Grove, where you can find some of the oldest cedars in the province.

Or a stop in Coombs, where you can find Goats on the Roof...

...lovely succulents (I'll try not to kill 'em!)

...and beautiful antique Chinese furniture.

Hope you had a great long weekend!



  1. fun!! i need to get over to vancouver island a bit this summer. if travelling has shown me one thing so far - it's just how beautiful bc is.


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