in progress

On my (new white!) desk lately:

1. A new version of the Captain Fringe with more 'ways to wear' options. I'm playing around with this in wool, but will probably make it available in the bamboo silk as well.

2. A one-shoulder crop top that I've almost got just right. Super excited for this one, which will be available in the shop next week. Aaaaand, maybe the sun will come out so I can wear mine?

3. Customer orders in progress and now en route to CA and Vancouver.



  1. ohh very exciting! i love seeing other peoples work in progress!

  2. you know that chip on your macbook? Apple will replace that for free- I had mine done in november.

  3. Haha, I was totally going to comment on the big chip on my computer in the photos. Free!? Calling Apple now....


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