we're moving up the road...

...to a big bright new home. Decided last week. Signed on the dotted line today. And do you think I'm excited about the backyard, full kitchen or hardwood floors?

Nope! (well, yes). Most of all I'm excited that kove and all my crafty bizness will finally have some space to spread out. A whole room in fact. And it's a good thing my man doesn't read this blog, because if he did he'd see all the effort I'm about to put into designing and commandeering it.

So, while I'm building my inspiration file, I thought I'd start by asking you fine folks: what are the loveliest crafty spaces that you've come across?


(Photo source).


  1. where did you get those wood letters?? love them.

  2. Hi! This is a recent blog post from Just a Girl, I love her craft room: http://www.justagirlblog.com/2010/10/ok-craft-room.html

    LOVE your designs, you inspire me and my little business;)


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