We've just moved into a new house and I'm loving all the extra space. However, being in a house means we're now on the hook for the gas bill, so we're trying to conserve and be smart with the thermostat. This is the perfect excuse to cuddle up under a warm blanket, non?

A super colorful granny-square throw.

The Canadian classic Hudson's Bay Point Blanket.

A woven blanket by Twine.

A chunky knit throw.

Or an adorable Anthropologie Quirky Heirloom Throw.



  1. Blankets yes, Hudson Bay blankets no!

    In the 1700s, the British traded those blankets infected with smallpox with the Natives for all sorts of land rights and wiped out huge First Nations populations across Canada. It's a very icky part of the Bay's history, I'm actually amazed that they've tried to bring them back into fashion.

  2. Prolly the recent winter Olympics in Vancouver. Given all the attention given to working with the First Nations Chiefs and communities for the Games, I'm surprised the Bay went with the blankets as a campaign, given the history. Quite offensive.


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