kick the door down

(The barn door print can be found here.)

This post is about doors. And abundance. And charging ahead.

This morning I have a story to share as part of a blog project happening over at Scoutie Girl.

It started a little while ago when Tara posted on embracing abundance, busting through the doors - or obstacles - that stand in our way, and breaking the scarcity mindset. Since then, the discussion has evolved into a project: a collection of stories about artists and bloggers who, too, have kicked down a door and charged through to the other side. So, this is mine.

I believe kove was born by embracing an abundance of time.

You see, a while ago I quit a job I was unhappy in. I had finally broken through the belief that I didn't have time to stop and take a breather. So, I took that time to go traveling. After a few months of soul research, sun salutations, train rides and cows on beaches, I arrived home smack dab in the middle of a recession. A completely different world. And job market.

With no clear direction - and no abundance of options - I went back to the things that made me happy as a youngster. Writing. Making things. I re-taught myself to knit and crochet, and man, how did I forget how much fun it was?

Lucky for me, I had a few clients who were paying me to write about interesting things (like feathered dinosaurs, but that's another story). There was enough to get by, followed by long-ish stretches of time, so I crocheted. And crocheted. Until I had a pile of designs I was ready to share.

Even boosted by the confidence of friends and my first sales, I still battled self-doubt. Would kove be enough to stand on its own? Unique enough? Professional enough? But the reality was there was no better moment. I had the time now to take a risk, to send this craft that I love (that i love) into the world and see what happens. And on Valentine's Day, I did.

The rest of my story has coloured these pages. It is described in the blog love column on the right. It has been articulated by customer feedback and the number of times I've seen the word LOVE written in capital letters about kove.

I have so much gratitude for what I found (and keep finding) on the other side of the door. Support. Encouragement. Excitement. A community of people like Amy (handmade evolution), Tara (scoutie girl), Megan (craft mba) and Evie (beautiful idea) who are doing some really interesting things. Who are part of this fascinating online community of makers and artists and people who believe in the value of supporting what is made in our backyards. A handmade revolution that, now, includes me too.

So in the spirit of sharing - it's your turn. What kind of abundance surrounds you? What doors have you kicked down lately? I'd love to know.



  1. An abundance of uncertainty surrounds me right now - are we moving, will I get to start my own business, loved ones health, etc? But in all the chaos I know that I can kick down doors, with God's help, and not wonder about the uncertainty but be excited about what might come next! Being able to enjoy my crafting and knitting, I have my little happy place in this economy! That helps, too ;)

  2. so great to read your story and to learn a bit more about you and your journey - i read this and was so pleasantly surprised to see my name there. as you already know i'm a huge fan of kove and can't wait to see what is next for you :) am really happy tara encouraged us to share more about ourselves and really about why we're in the space we're in now.

  3. this is an excellent post...i'd love to share my door breaker over wine! LOVE. xo


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