love for mom

When we were little, my siblings and I often had a goal for mother's day: make mom cry. Sounds nasty, I know (sorry mom), but we really were after happy tears. Sentimental mom tears that flow when kids are cute and wee and find their own little way to say how they feel. Tears meant in some way that we had succeeded in communicating how special she is to us.

Most of the time, the combined allowance of three kids under twelve didn't add up to much, so we'd improvise. We'd make cards, serve breakfast in bed, put together books of custom coupons, or agree to a day weeding in the garden. We gave her treats and ways to make her life easier because, as we all know, moms have a pretty tough job.

So that's why I thought that any gift purchased for mother's day from kove should be extra special. Send me a note when you place your order, and I'll make sure your mom-love is wrapped up in pretty paper, tied up with a lovely teal bow and a stuffed with a few extra kleenex.

Waterproof mascara sold separately.


PS - The bright spring wrapping paper and thick teal ribbon pictured were found at my favorite craft supplies store - urban source on Main street.


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