a treasury, a place

I've waited ages for this! My very first treasury collection on Etsy.

What's a treasury, exactly? It's kind of like your own personal art gallery. Etsy members can "curate" collections of items that they have discovered and put them on display in the treasury section. Sometimes treasuries become a part or all of the Etsy homepage. Mostly it's an opportunity to put pretty things together and help promote fellow Etsians.

Usually, the treasury section is full and no lists can be created until the others expire. I had to count backwards and figure out when the new lists would come available in order to grab this spot. Etsy-stalking. Phew.

From there, I browsed through the pages of Etsy looking for a few things to catch my eye. Judging from the items I chose, it looks like I'm missing a place called India a lot more than I realize. That, and I want to go on a sailboat with a pretty canvas purse.

You can see the full size version here. Look soon! It expires Wednesday morning.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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