sending kove into the world

Remember that mountain of yarn, that pyramid of fiber, from the weekend? Well here is part of what it was whipped into. Twenty five wraps, warmers, cowls and fringe.

Have you ever seen so much kove? I haven't. Makes me happy to think of all the people who are about to be so much cozier.

Here are three fairview wraps looking lovely in ivory, fun in fig, and relaxed in barley. The one in barley is for one of my favourite bloggers, but I may just have to make one for myself.

These are two park warmers - the brightest on the block. One's lemongrass, the other raspberry. Makes me hungry looking at them - thai curry or berry smoothie?

Two more captain fringe in ivory - so pretty for spring. Can you see each of the little hand stitches on the label? That's my love for detail and all things handmade.

Speaking of handmade, here's a peek at the kove hangtags and care labels. I used upcycled chipboard and mini closepins from urban source. Clean, rustic, west coast, kove.

I had to make a whole pile of them this morning for all the outgoing orders. Here they are scattered on my desk, next to mason jars of labels, tags, extra yarn and buttons (of course).

When every piece was perfect, labeled and tagged, I sent them out and shipped them off. Where to? Toronto, Oklahoma, the West End and around the corner.

Want to see for yourself? Take a walk in the sunshine over to Lushuz on Main Street or in Kitsilano and wrap yourself in some kove love.



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