button button.

I went down to Gastown today to find some special pieces for a birthday present I'm working on. This was my second attempt, as both stores I wanted to visit were closed over the winter holidays. Dressew has just about everything you can think of in the fabric and notions department (yarn too!), but I really wanted to spend some time at Button Button because they have such a great selection.

Button Button is a little shop near the corner of Homer and Cordova, and has the greatest selection of - you guessed it - buttons! Jeweled, hand-carved, big, small, shelled, plastic - it's an amazing little place.

I could have cleaned out the store, but I came home with just a few. The wooden toggles are for a birthday present for one of my besties (pictures to come in a later post!). I also found four wooden buttons that were hand carved in an Indian pattern - they'll be perfect for my other secret project.

Can't wait to show you the final results!



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