birthday present

This time of year is filled with the birthdays of some of my best friends. In the dark and drizzly post-holiday months, it means we get to spend lots of time with wine, food and good people. Tonight we get to go to au petit chavignol to help Emily celebrate with her nearest and dearest by drinking wine and sampling fancy cheeses. I can't wait.

In honor of the occasion, I made her a custom piece that won't be featured in the kove shop. It's a chunky circle scarf crocheted in a pattern that is super thick and warm. These quick snaps were taken at night with poor lighting, so you can't really see the lovely purple undertones in the brown color, but it's one of my favorite colors to work with.

I love the versatility of circle scarves; they can be wrapped and worn so many different ways. I'm modeling two options above - one is a cowl, the other a shrug.

Happy Birthday Em!



  1. you know, I really should have commented on this earlier. I love the circle scarf so much. Best birthday present ever.

    Thanks Ky!



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