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*photo credit: splrger on flickr

I feel extremely lucky to live smack dab in the middle of one of the best places to eat and shop in Vancouver. Main Street is choc full of antiques, yummy restaurants and amazing clothing stores. You know those stores that carry a perfect mix of local designers, affordable lines and all around unique stuff? Lushuz is one of those stores. With lines like Kersh, House of Spy and Covet, and a lovely collection of boots and shoes, I rarely walk by without a visit.

So, you can imagine how tickled I am to announce that starting today kove will be available at Lushuz on Main Street and in Kistilano. My little creations now for sale in my favourite little store! Stop by and have a look.

Lushuz 2352 W. 4th Avenue / 604.739.9333 | 3731 Main St. / 604.709.8090



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