date night 2010

Canadians sure are loud and proud these days. Our city has been transformed into an Olympic playground of beer gardens, free concerts, lights and new found national pride.

We ventured downtown last night into the sea of red, white and beer and joined the crowd spilling over the sidewalks and into the streets. Canada had just beat Norway, or so I assumed from the shouts and honks and general excitement surrounding us.

Like many, I definitely have mixed feelings about these games and the true legacy theyll leave, but it's hard to resist the energy of thousands of people playing in a place that is usually billed as "no fun." There's a street hockey game taking place just beyond the crowd in this view down Granville Street. (I hear Canada won.)

After a late Valentine's Day dinner at Sanafir, we wandered over to meet friends and siblings for the free laser show at Robson Square. I managed to resist the urge to pull out the air quotes or add "frickin'" every time I said "laser".

The "laser" show is playing at Robson Square every night at 9:30pm and 11pm.

A sucker for cool shoes, I had to snap Eric's yellow kicks...

...and, of course, the Barclay cowl was enough to keep me and my jean jacket warm on this mild February night.



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