saffron marigold

I was actually thinking about Saffron Marigold last night when their email arrived in my inbox - although I'm always half thinking of India. These block printed beauties are handmade in India and include bedspreads, duvet covers, pillow covers and drapes. If you haven't already, be sure to take a flip through the block printing process photo album. It's gorgeous.

I'm loving the new (?) Navajo Rhythms print - southwest inspired motifs in red and blue, boldly patterned across a faintly checkered ivory white ground. And since they're having a sale...



  1. Dear Kyla, thank you so much for profiling us. We launched the Navajo Rhythms a little while back - and look forward to feedback from your readers.

    This print was particularly tough to get done. The blocks are huge (almost 12 inches square) and very hard to align - I tried working on one bedspread with our printers and was completely exhausted after an hour of stamping!).

    The dying process was a challenge too because of the many colors involved, and some of the red typically bleeds during the post processing process - which results in the background becoming slightly reddish rather than ivory white.

    We also just posted some mix and match ideas for Table settings in time for Thanksgiving. So if your readers are looking for a few ideas they should check our blog post. It is here:

    Thanks again

  2. btw Kyla, if you want me send you a Navajo Rhythms swatch, I will be happy to! Our swatches are generously proportioned: 45 inches long and 15 inches wide, and will give you a good idea of the print.

  3. Sandip,

    Thanks so much for your note - I can imagine how challenging the print must be, but it's worth it. Absolutely beautiful.

    I would love love love to see a swatch!


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