christien meindertsma

I came across Dutch artist/designer Christien Meindertsma while doing some catch up on the WATG blog, and was instantly consumed with a desire to find those massive wooden knitting needles and wool in a matching gauge.

Her work aims to reconnect with and "regain understanding of processes that have become so distant in industrialization", and her knit projects are stunning. The one sheep sweater project is a collection of sweaters each knit with the wool of a single merino sheep - the only flock in the Netherlands. The Design for a living world project (pictured above) was completed for the Nature Conservency and knit with wool from an organic flock of Panama sheep from Idaho.

I am now intensely coveting that aran rug and urchin pouf. And a flock of merino sheep.

(images via christien's website.)


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