wedding shrug

You may remember our trip to Tofino in mid-October to celebrate the wedding of two of our best friends and favourite people (one of whom happens to be my amazing photog for kove).

At the time, A asked me if I would design something that would keep her warm on the beach and complement her gorgeous BCBG satin dress. My answer was YES!, as I had been secretly wanting to give her something handmade to wear that day.

After a bunch of yarn scouting, swatch creation and many Google Image searches, we came up with the off-white shrug you see in these photos. Crocheted with a 100% Tencel yarn from Birkeland Bros, I thought it had just the right amount of sheen and just the right amount of warmth.

The credit for these shots goes to the lovely Ariel, except for this one:

....which is a little gem from the user-operated photobooth - something that may or may not have been a little too much fun into the wee hours of the evening.



  1. (That's me in those pictures!)

    One of my biggest highlights of the whole wedding was during the welcome barbecue that we hosted the evening before our ceremony. Kyla had just arrived and given me the shrug, beautifully wrapped in a small recycled paper box and brown satin ribbon. I opened it and within 3.5 seconds (I'm really not exaggerating), every single woman in both mine and T's family came flocking towards us. All the mother hens in the room had surrounded us, ooohing and aaahing over the shrug, passing it back and forth between each other and praising the stitch, the wool, the colour... just about everything. And just like that, Kyla had been initiated into both our families.

    And on the wedding day proper? The shrug stole the show! All day, all I kept hearing was "pretty dress... but THAT SHRUG, OH MY."


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