friday favourites

A few of my favourites from around the web this week:

+ I've done all the cooking lately, so I'm hoping I can talk a certain someone into making me this for dinner.

+ Stephanie's post took me right back to my own time on Vagator Beach, India (also, love her shop).

+ Doesn't this winter beach picnic look like fun?

+ Lusting after this blanket, these tops and this pair of boots.

+ And, if you happened to miss this post from The Vamoose earlier this month, it's possibly one of the most beautiful on the web.

What are your plans for the weekend? We're going snowboarding tonight for the first time this season (and for my second time ever). And while I'll probably be nursing a very sore body tomorrow, I'm super excited.


(image found via pinterest)


  1. hi there, i admire your work. i am having one of those plan free weekends, it is such a luxury to do absolutely nothing. =) have a great one!


  2. pretty picture, it looks so comfy!!


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