meet george

When we were little, I remember my Dad's favourite books to read to us fell into two categories: a) anything by Dr. Seuss, and b) anything by Margaret and H.A. Rey. Even as a little pipsqueak I could tell how much he loved Curious George as a kid, and how he enjoyed telling us the stories of George and the Man with the Yellow Hat.

So, when my best friend's little guy turned one this year, I could think of nothing better than to pass the magic of the yellow books on to him. Seeing as though he's still a few years away from reading, I knew I had to come up with more than paper. Thanks to Ravelry, I came across the perfect reading buddy: George, in crochet form.

The pattern worked out beautifully. I crocheted George with recycled t-shirt cotton and stuffed him with recycled t-shirts so he's super cuddly. Being a big fan of warm buddies, I sewed a little zipper pocket in his back with a microwaveable bean bag so he's the perfect bedtime companion.

Sweet, monkey-filled dreams R! We'll talk green eggs and ham next year.



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