a beautiful idea

Well, friends. I'm afraid the theme of this post is tardiness, but it's also about giving back.

You see, I started by telling you that new designs were on their way. Then, I promised you that after a deadline was met, and a shoot was shot, you could feast your eyes on some summery kove. And now, well...it's been awhile.

Like a true Vancouverite, my official response is to blame it on the weather. Summer only just arrived out west this week, and with it the first chance to get camera happy and showcase kove under the warm sun. (My unofficial excuse is plain 'ol life.)

So, I'm super excited to finally show you what's been on my needles. I'm still making my way through a heap of photo processing, but I couldn't wait any longer to debut The Collingwood Chain.

The Collingwood Chain was created for A Beautiful Idea - an organization that partners with artists to raise money for charity. Artists and crafters create products, sell them and donate 100% of the proceeds to the chosen charity. Right now, all donations benefit World Vision Haiti Relief.

I wanted to create a special product in the shop that was exclusively for A Beautiful Idea - one that the buyer could feel good about purchasing as well as wearing. The chain is delicate, yet modern, and is one of my favourite fusions of fiber and hardware.

It may not seem like a lot - crafters donating the proceeds from an item here or there. But Evie Shaffer - the woman behind A Beautiful Idea - puts it this way:

“What if just 1% of Etsy.com’s 200,000 sellers donated the profits of one $20 item a month?...
...that’s $40,000 a month.”

Hope you all have a beautiful Friday...



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